We have been testing numerous smart locks over the past year so that we can confidently recommend a reliable smart lock solution to our hosts that will increase the guest experience.

In the end, we recommend 2 different smart locks.

igloohome Smart Locks and Smart Lockboxes.

Sometimes simple is better.  The igloohome smart lock allows for codes to be changed easily and remotely without requiring an internet connection.  It uses a tapered deadbolt to prevent lock malfunction due to friction.  It completely replaces the deadbolt and the install is relatively easy.  Reasonably priced.


  • Offline, no internet connection needed
  • Primarily uses numerical codes for entry.  New codes can be issued at anytime remotely.
  • Replaces deadbolt with a "tapered" bolt.  Reducing lock malfunction.
  • Can unlock via bluetooth.
  • Reasonably priced


  • No remote operation or monitoring of access.  Access logs require bluetooth sync to update.
  • More involved installation
  • No smart home integrations.

August Smart Lock

The smartest and most full featured as well as the easiest to install.  However, to utilize all of the features additional add on items must be purchased. (Wifi Connect and external keypad).  This ends up being a pricey option.  


  • Unlock and lock door remotely.  Live updated access logs. (requires wifi connect)
  • Very simple installation.  Replaces inside latch only.
  • Various smart home integrations


  • No keypad unless purchased additionally.  This is basically required for guests as bluetooth key is too complicated for most guests.
  • Costly, especially with add ons.